Our Achievements


years continuous research and development to the Chinese Health Insurance and penetrating service for the Business Insurance
collaborators of Chinese insurance companies.
active premium users
cooperating product lines, including Million Medical Insurance, Juvenile Insurance Critical Illness Insurance, Personal Tax Premium Health Insurance and etc.
Independent R&D of core intellectual properties.
People’s Health Risk Classification Model
Medical Thesaurus
local and worldwide hospital network
person-time/year records of self-diagnosis
amounts of automatic medical and claim settlement records
common diseases embedded in the Mighty Doctor AI Diagnosis System
common disease models and paths of clinical diagnosis and treatment

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Cooperation And Affirmation


“VHS Insurtech is an AI Risk Control & Health Management Service Provider that Understand the Need of Insurance Companies Most”

By some insurance company


“The appearance of VAIHI marked the first time in history of the insurance industry to have a health insurance system based on artificial intelligence technology”

“VAIHI® takes advantages of the knowledge of artificial intelligent, logic and knowledge graph, cooperation pattern with the built-in module in infrastructure level, efficiently energizing the health insurance industry”

“The system from VHS connect the data from hospitals to the health insurance system. On the condition of protecting the data privacy, the system could identify fake invoice, insurance fraud and irrationality of claim settlement with the help of technology”

  • VHS got the National Information System Security Protection Level 3 Certification; VHS Insurtech VAIHI (AI Health Insurance Risk Control System) won the Synced AI Award “The Strongest Empowering AI Solution to Help the Industry Recover

  • National high and new technology enterprise

  • “The key research project of the Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Strategy” by China National Democratic Construction Association.

  • Mayo Clinic, known as “the best hospital in the world”, directly invests in VHS.

  • The mode of VHS Health Risk Management was defined as “VHS Mode” by China Insurance Regulatory Commission and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The “VHS Mode” is recorded in the China Health Insurance Development Report.

  • Honored by “Red Herring Global Top 100” from 2014 to 2016 successively. (Red Herring Global Top 100 used to involve widely well-known enterprises including Facebook, Google, eBay, Baidu, Alibaba, Skype and etc.)

  • Ms. Zhang Zhiyun, CEO of VHS, was honored with “Forbes 25 potential business woman” in 2018

  • Global Fintech Venture Competition Top 10 in 2018

  • The Best Insur-Tech Innovation Award

  • China Internet Health Top 30

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