China Banking and Insurance News: VHS helps MetLife 360Health one-stop health solution

2019-01-25 11:08:07 VHS 64

On October 13, 2018, MetLife's annual health day was held in Shanghai. The "2018 China Metropolis Health Blue Book" was released and a new 360Health one-stop health solution was launched. VHS and MetLife have many years of in-depth cooperation in insurance products and health management. VHS CEO Ms. Zhang Zhiyun was invited to attend the launching ceremony of the event and unveiled the new one-stop health solution for MetLife with MetLife CEO Sun Siyi idea.

For many years, VHS has provided comprehensive protection for MetLife customers in daily preventive consultation, early diagnosis support, professional medical resources, and continuous rehabilitation support. Especially in the past two years, VHS has provided a full range of rehabilitation counseling, on-site care guidance and psychological support services for major diseases for MetLife customers. This is also the weakest and least invested aspect of the urban population found in this blue book. As the saying goes, three-point treatment and seven-point care. However, some people think that after the injection, medicine or surgery is successful, it means that everything is fine. No more care and rehabilitation guidance is needed, but it lacks scientific care and rehabilitation. Support often leads to recurrent attacks of the disease.

Data from the Shanghai Cancer Rehabilitation Club show that 80% of cancer patients die not during treatment, but during recovery. In the past few years, the five-year survival rate of cancer treatment in Europe and the United States has significantly improved. The important reason is that in addition to surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, the scientific care of each patient during the treatment process, including psychological, nutrition, and sports Rehabilitation guidance and care have received extensive attention.

In addition to the support of the subsequent rehabilitation phase, VHS and MetLife also have in-depth cooperation in one-stop health management services for insurance products: in the early prevention stage, providing customers with health consultation and health management advice, while improving awareness of disease prevention , provide timely advice and medical support during the diagnosis stage. VHS also has a network of thousands of domestic and foreign hospitals to select the most appropriate medical institutions and services for patients ... As of now, it has provided nearly 10 million customers to get accurate and objective diagnostic services.

In fact, VHS, as a professional health risk control technology and service provider in the field of insurance cooperation, has more than 10 years of cooperation experience with more than half of domestic insurance companies, whether in individual one-stop health management services or group health risks management. VHS provides long-term and stable service guarantees in terms of reducing the risk of disease, reducing claims costs, effectively saving costs, and obtaining praise from customers. In recent years, VHS has also continued to innovate. In the field of artificial intelligence, it releases and iterates technology products that lead the industry's innovation at an annual rate. For example: "VAIHI" AI risk control cloud platform, "Might Doctor" AI self-diagnosis system, etc. To help health insurance companies provide one-stop risk control solutions.

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