VHS fulfills company social responsibility: Resumption of work during the epidemic period is imminent, VHS provides advice to managers

2020-03-24 11:16:30 VHS 43

With the continuous outbreak of coronavirus, many companies chose to resume work after 10th February. Many employees felt panic, anxious, and worried about insomnia and other psychological problems, which made managers feel distressed.


In order to help managers made the right decision and assisted employees to face psychological pressure, VHS invited senior psychologist to provide online public welfare live broadcast with the theme of "mental counseling strategy for employees after resumption of work (employee support and crisis management in special times)" to thousands of managers on 2nd February.


The psychologist taught managers some basic psychological knowledge to meet with different levels of employees’ responses and proposed professional strategies. If the managers could not cope with employees who have extreme negative emotions, EAP help them. Managers should let employees know that EAP are available in the company if the company has purchased the EAP service. By seeking professional psychological assistance, they can quickly solve their problems and increase employees' sense of security. For example, psychological hotline service provided by VHS, which have more than 800 professional psychological counselors, psychological assistance to over 40,000 person-times per year and nearly 1 million corporate employees.

The psychologist also mentioned that employees’ emotions were influenced by the team, thus inspiring the morale of the team was very important for the company, even online health salons and team building could help employees relieve stress in special times.